Interview with Adéla Kudrnová at wohnbuchbüro

Adéla Kudrnová, »Soffa magazine«

0) What does SOFFA mean?

Adéla Kudrnová: »SOFFA is a Swedish word for „sofa or couch“.«

1) Who is SOFFA?

Adéla Kudrnová: »Our SOFFA team is me, Adéla Kudrnová | Editor in Chief, Lenka Hlaváčová | Art Director & Designer, Yasmin Keshmiri Hejduk | Creative Editor, Lina Németh | Photographer, Adéla Havelková| Photographer & Graphic Designer, Antonin Cifka | Production Manager, Sára Němečková| Production Manager, Terezia Bělčáková | Marketing & PR, Naďa Fidrmucová | Marketing & PR, Helena Novotná| Distribution.«

2) What does SOFFA, what other mags are not doing?

Adéla Kudrnová: »We do offer original content including photography and illustration made
especially for SOFFA.«

3) Which kind of readers does SOFFA find?

Adéla Kudrnová: »Creative people from all over the world, both women and men.«

4) Which sentence recaps, what is important to SOFFA?


5) SOFFA plans new ..?

Adéla Kudrnová: »We want to start an own café and space for workshop – SOFFA and
FRIENDS events. Together with our various partners, SOFFA has started hosting regular events with the aim to bring like minded people together in a relaxed yet creative environment, to learn new skills and share their passions. Workshops are delivered by experts in the field of the chosen topic, selected according to the things which both SOFFA and our readers love. Everything from interior design to DIY, craft making and even planning the perfect wedding day; we want you to experience something you love in a truly SOFFA style. That’s why, at our creative evening events, we focus on hosting a small group of around ten people, creating a premium experience for our guests, something which is rare to find elsewhere. Perhaps most importantly, with the help of our partners, we ensure that our guests are served with delicious food and drink throughout the evening, helping the creativity to flow, this is just another reason our guests love spending their evenings with us at these new and inspiring events, all brought to you by SOFFA & FRIENDS.« Find out more.
Credit: Photo © by Soffa.